Tech Tips and Tricks 2021 – Make Your Devices and Apps More Efficient and Easier to Use

Spending so much time in front of your computer or phone can be hard on your eyes and your mental health. Tech tips and tricks can help you make your devices and apps more efficient and easier to use.

From finding passwords to using a keyboard shortcut, these tech tips and tricks will make your computer life so much easier!

1. Use empty toilet rolls to keep your cables tidy

A drawer, box or kitchen bench full of tangled cords is a tech-head’s worst nightmare. Rather than tossing your empty cardboard toilet paper tubes into the recycle bin, give them another use by tucking loose charging cables into them. This neat trick keeps your cords tangle-free and out of the way, and it also makes it easy to locate a specific cable when needed.

You can even take it a step further and add labels to the tubes so you know what each one contains. It’s a great way to keep your home office or work desk organised and clean. Plus, it’s a fun DIY project for kids to get involved with too. Check out this Instructables guide for details.

2. Use Post-it notes to clean your keyboard

Keyboards are magnets for dirt, especially if you routinely snack while working. To clean out yours, turn it upside down and shake it to dislodge any visible debris. Then, use a can of compressed air (or a dry lint-free cloth or cotton swab dampened with rubbing alcohol) to blow loose any remaining crumbs or dust.

Finally, wipe down each row of keys using a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol or disinfecting wipes. If you opt for the latter, make sure to ring them out first to reduce moisture that could cause keyboard or laptop damage.

4. Use a USB cable to tell your phone to perform a range of new commands

A handy little app called USBCheck lets you use a standard USB Type-C cable to tell your phone to do a range of different tasks. You can transfer files, share a Wi-Fi connection, digitally sign documents and even make your phone into a personal hotspot.

We’ve all experienced moments when technology feels more like a hindrance than a helpful tool. But with these 17 shortcuts and hacks, it’s possible to turn your tech back into a powerful helper that can take away some of the frustration from everyday tasks. From finding passwords to resizing windows, these tech tips and tricks can make your life easier.

5. Clean out your digital life

Like physical clutter, digital hoarding can slow down your devices and make it hard to find the tools you need. It can also leave you vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches and unauthorized access to your personal information.

It’s essential to clean out your computer desktop, work files, phone and tablet apps, email inboxes, and social media profiles on a regular basis. Close or delete old accounts you no longer use, organize downloaded files into folders, and keep your home screen free of icons.

To truly declutter your digital life, commit to a philosophy of intentional technology usage and digital minimalism as advocated by experts like Cal Newport. Set aside time each week to review and assess your digital spaces and establish a routine of cleaning up files, subscriptions, tabs, and passwords regularly.

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